Englischsprachige Angebote schreiben

Lernkontrolle: Übungen, Aufgaben, Quizze

Proposal, Quote, something else?

Wir haben gelernt, dass im Englischen mehrere Begriffe für das Wort "Angebot" stehen. Bitte wählen Sie anhand der unten beschriebenen Situation den passenden Begriff:

  1. An organisation wants to launch a new product. In order to establish the right price for this product, new product development costs, raw materials, energy costs, depreciation, salaries, and so on must all be covered. For internal purposes, such an overview of costs would be referred to as a ... and would be requested before a proposal can be drawn up.
  2. The council wants to update their meeting room with new technology. By using a formal tender process, you can show that the preferred supplier was selected fairly. The council will therefore have to issue an ...
  3. There is a monthly auction, this month the complete inventory of a bankrupt company will be put up for auction. During the auction you can ... by raising my hand, in correlation to the price that I am prepared to pay.
  4. A workman has been asked how much it will cost to install a new gas and water system for a family home. He has been to the house to get an idea of what needs to be done and a rough idea of the costs involved. The workman is asked to send them a(n) ...
  5. A company needs to invest in some new machinery and needs exact prices and some technical specifications before they can come to a purchase decision. The company asks the producer to send them a(n)
  6. When you have been talking about a proposal and you want to end the call, you might well say ...
  7. You are invited to ... a tender for the supply of
  8. If you send someone a quotation or proposal by email, you would write "Please find the quotation/proposal ..., if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me"

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